week 9


Article:  www.zam.com./article/865/walking-simulators-are-growing-up-and-stepping-out

The walking simulator. This term is used for games where the main mechanic is walking as the playable character around the environment and interacting with it (CleverUsername, 1999). These types of simulators are used in many games such as Octodad to Day Z. These games couldn’t be any different due to the fact that one is based in a zombie world and the other based on a comical octopus trying to act human.   According to Steam the online gaming platform, they fit into the same genre. In this response I hope to look into type of gaming and help better understand its definition from the source material as well as other information.

A lot of the different definitions of walking simulators are based on how much interaction the player characters has with the world and how much they are a part of the world. The Jimquisition channel on YouTube talks about this genre with being a character with only slight interaction with the environment itself (Jim Sterling ,2015). The same can be said for the article which says that walking simulators are ‘maturing’ with additions such as survival mechanics implemented in the game that the article is reviewing. Isn’t the idea of walking simulators minimalism though?    

From analysing this article, it appears that the walking simulators are not maturing, it is stretching into other genres that all gaming recognises familiarity.  The game within the article is an adventure/survival game.  Much like Octodad, it is considered a walking simulator.  People question the fact of whether these are real games due to their simplicity.  I believe that these games are at times the most basic of games to a player, however the developer needs to understand that the game has to be designed in a simple way for the player to play the game.


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