week 11


Article:  www.zam.com.article/907/what-no-mans-sky-means-for-the-future-of-open-world-games


No Man Sky, the procedural world generator space exploration game. This article above asks that the method of randomisation from this game can translate into other games but with their own spin on the method and subject, this though is not new randomising situations within the game as well as still have a cohesive story have happened a lot over the last decade. What made No Man Sky’s procedural randomisation so special is the scale of the game(with18,446,744,073,709,551,616 possible planets” (Murray and replies, 2014) . In this article I will show that randomisation and story in games can work together.

In the game The Binding of Isaac and others like it are randomised dungeon levels as well as weapons and enemies randomised for each play through of this game, “you never play the same game twice.” (Isaac, 2011). This game uses randomisation to its advantage and still has a  narrative connected to it and was made before No Man Sky.

The same can be said about Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, an open world game like No Man Sky. the games nemesis system, this system randomises an entire enemy roster of high ranking orcs including different names, how they looked and how they fought.  “Each nemesis has their own personality and will rise or fall within their social structure as the game progresses” (The nemesis system – middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Wiki guide, 2014). Much like the binding of Isaac this game uses randomisation just not on the scale of No Man Sky.

 I understand that No man sky is possibly the future for open world games but random procedure is not new to the gaming world. Though like I have said at the beginning is that it has not been done to this scale and I commend the game for this but it’s not a new idea  


     Isaac, T.B. of (2011) The binding of Isaac on steam. Available at: http://store.steampowered.com/app/113200/ (Accessed: 21 August 2016).

Murray, S. and replies (2014) Exploring the 18, 446, 744, 073, 709, 551, 616 planets of no man’s sky. Available at: https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2014/08/26/exploring-18446744073709551616-planets-mans-sky/ (Accessed: 21 August 2016).

The nemesis system – middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Wiki guide (2014) Available at: http://au.ign.com/wikis/middle-earth-shadow-of-mordor/The_Nemesis_System (Accessed: 21 August 2016).



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