week 10

Article:  www.vextroforever.wordpress.com/216/08/07/debris

I found this article very dark and difficult.  From my perception, this is an article based on an artist’s choice of using a certain type of music or noise to bring across a feeling or a mood in the game.

The game that is described in the article, Debris uses the type of music called drone music.  Some would call it a minimalistic tone that could be perceived as hypnotic so that the gamer becomes engrossed in the content of the game rather than the music.  Because the game is minimalistic in the fact that it is white pixels on a black background, the drone music lulls you into the sensation of space in conjunction with the content.  It is a morbid type of sound, a sound that promotes a sense of hopelessness, like being lost in space.

In the game when Sayuz11 crew are presented, the music is continuous and could possibly create a sense of hopelessness followed by fear of death meaning human life means nothing.  The game gives a feeling of insignificance on a cosmic scale. 

The writers final sentence identifies to me that the writer has accepted his insignificance and a numbness to the world around him.

This games gives a feeling of emptiness and a fear and acceptance of death. Games I find similar to this would be the fallout series “Despite all this however there is one game that thrives off of providing the player with a feeling of complete isolation in a baron, unforgiving world, Fallout 3.” (zel, 2015). This game displays the loneliness of a near dead world.

Other games display the message of galactic insignificance like the game No man sky, a game that has an infinite possibilities of planets and you are one person within a space ship.” Explore a virtually infinite, seamless universe, discover and name planets and species that no player has ever seen before and share your findings on a galactic map.” (No man’s sky, 2016)

This game has issues that are included in a lot of works involving space travel. In the future I hope to play this game myself

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