The horrors of the holocaust response

This article looked at getting the perspective and response to the holocaust with the comparison between Schindler s list and the game Inside. The article looks into the reason why the game gets an experience of a child in the holocaust without openly saying that is what it is. the aspects I want to go into is a games that lets you have an experience with a part of history near accuracy.

Games like metal gear solid, a game series that have at times nonsensical stories but has the controversial aspects mingled within that story, child soldiers, cold war international relationships and cruel unusual punishment of prisoners. Games that use historical setting need to understand the problems of the time and showing these problems to the player and give the perspective. As a personal experience with the metal gear series I did not know about the cold war until metal gear solid 3 and it gave me the perspective of a soldiers of the time the government of the time and if I had played inside I would get a perspective of a person trying to survive the one of the most harrowing moments in the 20th series the holocaust.

I hope that when I play this game I do feel the perspective of a boy trying to survive the Holocaust just like I have in many other games like this one.


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