week 4 blog

reading both of this article and the response made by nick made scene in a lot of ways.the method of punishment made by this games studio is ludicrous, as well as the connection between a persons social and work life can be very divided.This company’s  logic is been fully thought through when hiring but many companies use methods like this in when hing or the termination of an individual.

. looking through someones social media or in this case game chat. looking at “your Facebook postings might win over your friends_but they could also cost you a job”(Davidson,2014). With the use of the internet companies gain knowledge on who works for them and will possibly fire people that might their image and in some ways their right to fire these people but by using this unlawful method Riot games have done this in the worst possible way.”if you ask your employee for information, you must maintain confidentiality and protect his or her privacy”(employer rights and responsibility,N.A).this misuse of information goes against the



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