Narratives within video games.

Tragedy and E3: it’s not just the guns, it’s the stories that we tell.  Reading this article on the gaming industry trying to promote their future projects while the tragedy of the LGBT nightclub shooting, this article also goes into the some of the storytelling elements that are commonly used within a lot of the industry’s recent made games and the gap on fiction and reality.

a lot of this article talks about the use of violence to solve a conflict within some video games and that we really don’t care about the weapons used in the game but use “the stories we choose to tell about them.” (Rath, 2016), and the context of the use of violence in narratives.  I do agree in some aspects a lot of games do use violence as a simple way to stop a conflict, though this is not entirely the flat of video games.” Violence is a conflict and stories need a conflict. Now some might argue that it is someway lazy to relay on violence as a conflict but the fact is violence is a very human thing “(Gameranx, 2016) in books, movies and even plays violence is a method of conflict or solving the conflict. A lot of narratives throughout history follow the same structure “The format of storytelling is fixed – the protagonist, the quest, the trials, and the resolution” (Nolan, 2010), this structure is what has entertained people for a long time due to how human nature works, we are entertained by some overcoming or failing trials due to this being an occurrence within human life. Am I saying this goes through all gaming and media no, but saying that the use of violence is a simple native is far from the truth.

Though the use of violence within video games and the reality is different. The discussion happens with any art form, though without discussion art cannot change and evolve into something better in the future.

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